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 We secure and maintain your diverse network landscape, wherever it roams.

In 1999, the landscape of enterprise networking was complex and confusing, with unreliable connections and long downtimes.  Michael Joseph and Marius Janulis, veterans of the Service Provider space at BBN Genuity, envisioned a different path toward robust, secure, and accessible networks for businesses of all sizes.

This vision became the driving force behind the creation of Technium. By assembling a team of visionary network engineers and security experts, they embarked on a mission to redefine enterprise networking. Today, Technium stands as a testament to that relentless pursuit, offering a new standard in network design, delivery, and maintenance.

Technium Provides:

  • Simplicity: We translate the deep language of networking into actionable solutions, simplifying the management of your critical infrastructure.

  • Reliability: Forget sleepless nights spent troubleshooting outages. Our service level agreements are built on a foundation of near-perfect uptime, guaranteeing operational continuity.

  • Proactive Support: Our 24/7 team of dedicated engineers is always at your beck and call, offering resolutions to any network challenges you may encounter.

  • Expertise: More than just skilled professionals, our team is driven by a love for network engineering. They're constantly learning, growing, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Our Culture

At Technium, building the future demands nurturing those who build it. We believe that caring for our team isn't just a perk, it's the lifeblood of our innovation. That's why every Technium member is more than just an employee; they're a co-creator, a valued voice in shaping our journey.


Core Values


Our Just Cause

Technium exists for more than just profit. We're driven by a Just Cause, a desire to use our expertise for a greater good: training the next generation of network and security engineers.

Our Just Cause is to provide anyone who finds joy and excitement—and a determination to learn—in the field of network security with vigorous, life-changing learning opportunities.

Our Commitment: We will continue to provide learning opportunities for personal and professional development to anyone desiring to be better than they were yesterday.

Your Commitment: We only ask that you commit to this training program, with the determination and resolve to fall in love with what you do in this field, and the dedicated effort to be exceptional.

Want to join our team?

Technium is a rapidly growing company that has a strong reputation for providing quality service to our customers and is committed to a culture of achievement. We cannot do this without an amazing team!  Come grow your career with us!
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