Solve Wi-Fi Network Issues Fast With User Experience Testing



Prevent Costly Downtimes

Improve User Experience

Identify and Solve Issues Quickly From Anywhere


Do you know when, and why, your Wi-Fi network is having problems?

If the network isn’t performing optimally, or a software application isn’t working, everyone at your company feels the pain and productivity suffers, complaints start to pile up and your team’s morale plummets. Whether it's an important leadership meeting, connected equipment, or mission-critical devices, your Wi-Fi network is more than just a convenience—it's essential. 

 If your Wi-Fi is down, you can't fix it fast enough. Avoid all of this with:

Full Wi-Fi Network monitoring for performance, latency, and potential issues
Critical Cloud Application Monitoring

Wi-Fi Anomaly Detection

Problem Identification and Classification
Dashboard Reporting

Latest generation Wi-Fi testing hardware (included with service)

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Wi-Fi Stability at Your Workplace is Possible

Technium's Wi-Fi Assurance can identify Wi-Fi problems before end-users are aware there are issues. With Wi-Fi Assurance, you'll get:

• Simulated wireless traffic stress-testing, done over time to detect Wi-Fi problems
• Full visibility of Wi-Fi performance
• Full-stack monitoring for immediate root cause analysis
• Constant monitoring for environmental changes and data trends



By performing routine client-testing simulations, alerting of degraded or failed Wi-Fi is faster than user impact complaints.



Productivity for businesses today relies on many cloud applications. By monitoring both public and private cloud apps, Wi-Fi Assurance can determine if an issue is app-specific or impacting all connectivity.



Wireless connectivity is prone to intermittent issues which are very challenging to identify or troubleshoot. By testing your network 24/7, these intermittent sources can be identified and addressed faster. 



Wireless issues come in all shapes and sizes. Using intelligence from thousands of networks, Wi-Fi Assurance will triage the importance of alerts that may require action and others that may not. Using this intelligence, Wi-Fi Assurance is going to alert only on actionable events and avoid alarm overload.

Connectivity Intelligence might be right for you if:

  • Your organization has reliance on cloud/internet(IOT) connected devices

  • Wi-Fi is utilized throughout your corporate location(s)

  • Downtime and slow performance impact your teams

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