Optimize Your Multi-Cloud Network



The Markley Network Fabric

Technium and The Markley Group have collaborated to design, manage and secure the Markley Network Fabric. East coast organizations can enjoy custom Internet and Cloud Access with The Fabric which combines a Layer 2 Fiber optic direct connection to business locations with a wheel of services.

  • Leverage Data Center blended Internet with low latency and high throughput
  • Direct connectivity to 140+ cloud providers
  • Multi-cloud—Ability to add in AWS Direct Connect, Azure Express Route or GCP on the same service line
  • Gain optimized non-Internet pathways to Office-365 and Amazon public services like S3
  • Add or remove bandwidth to manage costs
  • Single point of management
  • Fully managed virtual routing and firewall security infrastructure with Hosted Perimeter Gateway.


Easily scale up or down in hours not weeks—meeting your unique business needs


Straightforward pricing and service offers / Access 100+ telecom options through a single billing arrangement


Fully managed routers and firewalls delivered as a monthly cost model

Advantages of the Fabric Over Traditional Carrier Circuits

The Fabric optimizes every aspect of data transport and security between your workspace and the cloud. But how does it compare to traditional connectivity? Take a look at this high-level comparison of the advantages of connecting to the Fabric v.s. traditional carrier services.

Markley Network Fabric Traditional Connectivity

Diverse physical interfaces
provisioned by default


Redundant, diverse ports are provided with all Fabric connections


Additional ports must be ordered separately

Guaranteed upstream carrier diversity


Primary and secondary Fabric circuits use at least four diverse Tier 1 providers


Carrier diversity requires buying a second circuit from a different provider and diversity is not guaranteed

Native BOSIX connectivity


Markley hosts the Boston Internet Exchange


Connections to BOSIX are not available

Native AWS DirectConnect (DX)


Markley's data center is New England's only AWS DX provider


AWS DX connectivity must be backhauled to Markley

AWS and Microsoft public prefixes


Only 1 hop away via BOSIX. Traffic is direct.


Traffic transits multiple hops, raking standard internet pathing

Direct transport to AWS US East 


Redundant optical spans provide direct layer 1 connectivity to the US East home region


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NEW - Fully Managed Virtual Firewalls

Customers now can get next-generation security as a service through virtual routers and firewalls hosted in the Markley Cloud Service infrastructure, with the Hosted Perimeter Gateway (HPG). Fully managed by Technium's highly credentialed team, HPG service will handle all edge routing and NGFW (next-generation firewall) security needs in a true monthly cost model.

Prioritized Routing

Improved Application Performance

End-to-End Security

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