Wi-Fi is now the most common means of connectivity in the workplace, yet most networks are not set up for it. 



Optimize my Wi-FI

Get Stable Wi-Fi Connectivity at Work

Technium's Wi-Fi Assurance will identify Wi-Fi problems before end-users are aware there are issues. With Wi-Fi Assurance, you'll get:

• Simulated wireless traffic stress-testing, done over time to detect Wi-Fi problems
• Full visibility of Wi-Fi performance
• Full-stack monitoring for immediate root cause analysis
• Constant monitoring for environmental changes and data trends

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Wi-Fi 6 GHz Now Available!

Previous generations of Wi-Fi technology were limited to two bands; 2.4 and 5GHz RF. The latest technology now includes the 6 GHz frequency space which allows networks to surpass most current wired networks. Our Wi-Fi experts can set you up with a custom 6GHz architectural design.

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